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Yoga is an ancient science that yogis had discovered in their own experience.The nature of all beings is light,bliss and pure consciousness.By getting in touch with one's own Self one experiences that inner freedom which is beyond the sufferings of the mind.This is the principal idea which all religions in the world should follow.Through space,the mind dissolves from all forms beyond any limit.Even in this visionary space that we see by telescopes the mind gets in touch with that unlimited formless energy within



"Your Self never suffers.Your Self never feels happy or unhappy but it is Universal Consciousness,Joy and beyond relativity of time.

You are the Master of the moments of your life.

Paramahansa Yogananda

This is called MEDITATION

            Meditation is self-awareness;no-mindstate (means very relaxed state of mind that one be the master of his thoughts not vice versa).One can practise it everyday through his life, or do this Exercise.Just close the eyes while sitting in an erect comfortable posture and be you;watch the breathing; no-control just watch breathing in/out.You begin to notice that Gap-space begin to arise in you.You are Space.

"Scientists say that the normal mind has one million years to reach the universal mind.

Meditation is an instrument through which human evolution is quickened.Half a minute equals one year of natural living.

It lowers the breath rate and so gives more relaxation and life longevity.For instance the giant tortoise breathes only four times a minute and reaches three hundred years of age."

Quoted by the book " Autobiography of a Yogi" Published in 1946.Publisher:Self-Realization Fellowship L.A California U.S.A


One begins to experience another state of consciousness.

Do it;it really works.One has to experience this to know exactly what I'm trying to say.So do it.Be watchful and alert of the mind and remember that your Self is the same Self in all Beings.

The background music is (track9)one of my music compositions.Other new age and nature type music are on my Cd Album. 

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Publishers that published my other music compositions: Rogelton (Full Band march);


Kallisti Music Press "Praan" (Trio),"Rinaxximent"(six winds chamber 3mov)."Morning Star"(String Orchestra Piece);etc...

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