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It's not possible that we are the only planet inhabited in this whole universe.When scientists experimented with all the minerals and solids of Earth ;

LIFE approached.

It is ridiculous to think that in this infinite universe there are no planets with the same or relative conditions as our planet for life to grow.

I read a lot of books regarding this subject and it shows that Aliens were here before we had known about them.Proofs about this are: Advanced technological implants,Ancient spaceman and space vehicle paintings in South America,Mayan herolographics about space people,Astronomical precise architectures like the Pyramids of Egypt and South America which are in lined with the geographical grid (one has to observe it from outer space) plus proportionally equidistant from each ,as our neighbor planets and resemble the Orion constellation in the era that they were built,precise stitching on found mutilated cattle which are alien to our surgical knowledge,unknown magnetic force in crop circles,the crystal skulls that their maker is unknown and cannot be duplicated,ancient cart ruts in Malta and Peru which from high in space resemble certain constellations and other,other findings............

So that shows that surely there are other life forms on other planets which contain lesser and greater evolution proportional to the time beginning of planet Earth.

People ask: "But how can it be that they can travel vast distances?"

According to Bob Lazar (a very intelligent Scientist who claimed that he had worked at Area51) aliens can warp time and space so the distances becomes much shorter than we know.This is not science fiction.It is well known in quantum physics as time-space continuum that it can happen according to experiments done by Hewlett packard scientists and others like Professor Gunter Nimtz.

World Governments are covering up all information which is now well known in media for "National Security".In my opinion it's more for Power Security than National.


Some of many Precisely,Amazingly and miles long Crop Circles which are highly intelligent mathematical or scientific signs that are found through all the world by which the crop is bent not broken.


Some aliens from other planets that many claimed seeing :

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