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Press photo to download  violin video.

Being a composer and a violinist my secondary instruments are Sax,Piano and Mandolin.Compose all types of works ranging from classical quartets to orchestra,songs,band marches,new age and electronic music.

Played backing Fiddle in the released CD of a great scottish singer and songwriter Scott Learmonth

Publishers that published my music compositions:

 Rogelton (Full Band march);

Kallisti Music Press "Praan" (Trio),"Rinaxximent"(six winds 3mov)."Morning Star"(String Orchestra Piece);etc...

Malta is a small island in the Mediterranean Sea near Sicily.(Information on Malta: See Visitmalta)

Do yoga and follow all Gurus teachings, mostly those of Swami Shyam teachings who gives lectures every day in Kullu,India.Kullu is a small village situated near the high Himalayas mountains.His teachings are recorded and most of them published in books.This Guru known worldwide for the tranquility and joy that he carries in his heart.

In August 1991 & recently 2004 I went to visit him and his philosophy and easiness towards life penetrated my whole being.

Thanks  for entering this Site and hope that this Philosophy gives you that insight through all your life.As Guruji used to say that we are not this body having life but we are :

Immortal Conscious Life having this body.

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