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Swami Shyam is an enlightened being who has attained the perfection of the vision of Oneness.As a result of that Vision,he has offered to all men and women the knowledge that they can unfold the supreme awareness of their own self,the nature of which is eternal peace,eternal love and eternal life.Throughout his life,Swamiji has worked directly with many thousands of people guiding them in the practice of a unique technique of meditation,Shyam Dhyan,Meditation on Space,which is universal,non-sectarian and can be practised by everyone.He has founded the International Meditation Institute (IMI) and the Shaanti-Sneh Abhiyaan Radiation of Peace and Love Global Movement.Swamiji is thus creating masters who have directly experienced peace in their lives and are ready to work with full commitment for the growth of peace,life and unity consciousness in the global community.He is constantly urged from beyond the mind's reaches to share this vision and thought with one and all,irrespective of their status and placement in terms of nationality,race,belief system,thought and religion.

Text quoted by his book: "Direction OF Life"

I can say that I'm a witness of his philosophy and ATIGAT is my given sanskrit name.